Withdrawal Policy

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Course Adds/Drops, Withdrawals, and Refunds

Adding, dropping, or withdrawing a course is solely the student's responsibility and MUST be initiated during specifically set forth days. It’s important to be aware of these dates and to know the difference between a drop and a withdrawal at IECC.  While the process for initiating both are similar, the timing of your actions result in very different outcomes, as described below.   

A dropped course is one that you take action to remove from your schedule within:

  • The first 10 business days of a 16-week course schedule.
  • The first 5 business days of an 8-week course schedule.
  • The proportionate time of any other schedule not conforming to a 16- or 8-week course schedule.

Dropping a course means:

  • There will be no record of the course on your transcript.
  • Tuition and fees will be refunded 100%.

The drop period coincides with the refund period.

A withdrawn course is one that you take action to remove from your schedule after the drop period has ended, but no later than:

  • 2 weeks before the last day of class for a 16-week course schedule.
  • 1 week before the last day of class for an 8-week course schedule.
  • The proportionate time of any other course schedule not conforming to a 16- or 8-week course schedule. 

Withdrawing from a course means:

  • The course will appear on your transcript as a W.
  • Tuition and fees will not be refunded.

If you do not take official action to remove a course from your schedule during the prescribed deadlines, the course will appear on your transcript with your earned grade.

A course may be added to a student’s schedule during the same period of time defined for the drop period.

If you are considering a drop or withdrawal, you are encouraged to meet with your instructor, academic advisor/retention coordinator, and financial aid representative (refer also to the Return of Title IV Funds policy) prior to initiating the action. 

If you want to take action to remove or add a course to your schedule, contact student services to complete the required form.

Specific dates/deadlines for adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course (conforming to a 16- and 8-week course schedule) can be found here: Semester Dates and Deadlines   Contact student services or your advisor to determine drop/withdrawal deadlines for courses that do not conform to a 16- or 8-week course schedule.


Administrative Drops and Withdrawals  
Administrative drops and withdrawals adhere to the same deadlines and result in the same consequences as those described above.

IECC has the authority to initiate administrative drops/withdrawals for the following:

  • Non-attendance;
  • Registration in violation of college regulations and requirements (academic ineligibility to register);
  • Plagiarism, cheating, or other gross infractions as outlined in IECC’s Student Code of Conduct and/or described in the course syllabi (may result in a failing grade);
  • Disciplinary suspension or dismissal for the remainder of an academic semester or longer;
  • Severe psychological or health problems such that a student cannot be permitted to continue in attendance;
  • Other reasons deemed appropriate by the proper administrative staff such as the President or Dean of Instruction.

Prior to an administrative withdrawal, the instructor should submit a Progress Report to allow the Retention Coordinator or Academic Advisor to contact the student for resolution or to withdraw from the course. If no action is taken by the student, an instructor may recommend an administrative withdrawal, after mid-term, if such withdrawal is deemed to be in the best academic interest of the student. The administrative withdrawal must be approved by the Dean of Instruction. The Student Services/Student Records Office will notify the student and Coordinator of Financial Aid of the student’s administrative withdrawal.


Exceptions/Related Policies
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