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"Students are much more likely to drop out if they are not interacting with other students, professors, and guidance counselors. Yet studies show that the first place a student looks for help is not a classroom or guidance office, but rather his or her home." - Community College Review, 2020

An increasing number of high school students are going directly from high school into community colleges to begin their higher education. Many of these students still live with their parents for financial or other reasons. Many parents of these traditional students want to help their children make the transition from secondary school to college. This article discusses the instrumental role parents can play in encouraging a young student's move from high school into community college. 

Going away to college for the first time (or the second in the case of transfer students) is an emotional experience for families. Probably more so for parents. Here are the top 12 tips for parents on the momentous day when they will drive away and leave their students behind.

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