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Federal TRIO Programs

The TRIO programs, funded by the federal government and administered through the U.S. Department of  Education, include outreach and support programs targeted to help students progress from middle school through post‐secondary education. 

Student Support Services (SSS)

This federally funded TRIO program, available at all four IECC colleges since 1993, offers tutoring, academic and career advisement, study skills enhancement, special enrichment programs, and opportunity for community involvement.

The program’s goals are to provide the tools necessary to empower its participants to achieve life-long success. The program helps students to persist in college, to graduate, and to transfer to a four‐year institution. Students may be eligible by meeting one of the following criteria:
1) neither parent received a four‐year college degree;
2) financially limited resources (according to federal guidelines); or
3) be an individual with a documented disability.
Students must apply for acceptance and meet program requirements.

The TRIO Student Support Services serves 190 eligible students and has maintained an impressive record of success since its inception in the District. For more information or to apply for services, call the SSS counselors at any one of the four IECC colleges.

Learn more about TRIO Student Support Services.


Upward Bound (UB)  

IECC’s Upward Bound Program was the first TRIO Program established at IECC and has continued to provide services to eligible high school students for over 30 years.

Upward Bound provides academic tutoring, college/career counseling, cultural enrichment, and social development, among other services, to over 200 high school students from eleven high schools. All services are free to those accepted into the program. 

Students participate in:

  • after-school tutorial sessions
  • workshops
  • educational and college trips
  • six-week summer program at Olney Central College or Wabash Valley College 

Upward Bound is available to participants who meet program requirements at target high schools in Crawford, Edwards, Jasper, Lawrence, Richland, Wabash, Wayne, and White counties.

For more information about Upward Bound, contact Olney Central College at 866.622.4322, ext. 2284, Lincoln Trail College at 866.582.4322, ext. 2284, or Wabash Valley College at 866-982-4322, ext. 2284.