Current College Catalog and Addendum

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The following are updates, changes, and corrections to the 2022-2023 IECC College Catalog since its publication.  Where appropriate, links are provided to view the new or revised subject-matter. 

July 2022

  • Updated Appendix F, FERPA Policy 500.11, under Rights of Students (C.1.)  to remove text regarding holding records. (p. 285) Per July Board approval.

  • Updated Withdrawal Policy to include Return of Unearned Tuition Assistance as a Related Policy. (p. 25) Per July Board approval

August 2022

  • Removed (due to inactivation) LTC’s Computer Security & Forensics certificate (MSS C239) effective 1/1/2023. Deleted from programs (p. 93), front inside cover list of programs, CTE and Career Clusters (p. 70), and program index (p. 292).

  • Removed (due to inactivation) WVC’s Shooting Range Safety Officer certificate (FST C574) effective 1/1/2023. Deleted from programs (p. 140), front inside cover list of programs, CTE and Career Clusters (p. 71), and program index (p. 293).

  • Revised Physical Therapist Assistant pages (Intro, p. 63 and CAPTE, p. 64) to reflect the updated WVC PTA program’s Accreditation status statement. Effective 8-16-2022 per CAPTE

September 2022

  • Removed the Massage Therapy program from the list of Program Accreditations & Approvals as determined during preparation of the ICCB Recognition Report. (p. 12)

  • Added the new Vision statement and updated Values on the Mission and Values page (p. 2, now the Mission-Vision-Values page) as outlined in the new Strategic Engagement Plan.

  • Revised text in the Allied Health/Nursing section, Application Deadline and Requirements, from specifying that the student must have an Adjusted Individual Test Score at the Proficient Level or higher to directing students to the Nursing Program Advisor for minimal accepted TEAS scores. (p. 59)

  • Added text to Allied Health/Nursing, under Application Deadline and Requirements, pertaining to the advisement of reviewing the Nursing Student Handbook. (p. 59)

  • Merged Graduation Requirements and Graduation Honors into a single topic to reflect new formalized policy (500.38). Added Highest Honor and revised GPA’s for High and Honor (Eff. beginning with Spring 2024 graduates). Per September Board approval. (pp. 28-29)

  • Revised WVC’s Energy Technology (ENRGY D121) curriculum, decreasing total credit hours from 68 to 60; effective June 1, 2023. (p. 103)