Current College Catalog and Addendum

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The following are updates, changes, and corrections to the 2020-2021 IECC College Catalog since its publication.  Where appropriate, links are provided to view the new or revised subject-matter. 


August 2020 Revisions

September 2020 Revisions

October 2020 Revisions

  • Replaced Dr. Gower with Roger Eddy as Interim President of Lincoln Trail College effective 10-1-2020 (p. 9)

  • Corrected the Uniform Purchase Fee for the Diesel Technology AAS. Changed from per academic year to one-time fee. (p. 40)

  • Corrected IMT: Level III Certificate (INDMA C503) curriculum. (BMG 2601 was not removed correctly in the March 2020 catalog addendum.)  (p. 113)

  • Removed (due to inactivation) Construction Technology (CONST D206) and Construction Technician (CONST C205) effective 1/1/2021. Deleted from programs (p. 91), front inside cover list of programs (FCC and LTC), CTE and Career Clusters (p. 65), and program index. (p. 306)