Current College Catalog and Addendum

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The following are updates, changes, and corrections to the 2020-2021 IECC College Catalog since its publication.  Where appropriate, links are provided to view the new or revised subject-matter. 


August 2020 Revisions

September 2020 Revisions

October 2020 Revisions

  • Replaced Dr. Gower with Roger Eddy as Interim President of Lincoln Trail College effective 10-1-2020 (p. 9)

  • Corrected the Uniform Purchase Fee for the Diesel Technology AAS. Changed from per academic year to one-time fee. (p. 40)

  • Corrected IMT: Level III Certificate (INDMA C503) curriculum. (BMG 2601 was not removed correctly in the March 2020 catalog addendum.)  (p. 113)

  • Removed (due to inactivation) Construction Technology (CONST D206) and Construction Technician (CONST C205) effective 1/1/2021. Deleted from programs (p. 91), front inside cover list of programs (FCC and LTC), CTE and Career Clusters (p. 65), and program index. (p. 306)

November 2020 Revisions

January 2021 Revisions

  • Updated Health Information Technology (MCOD D188) to include program minimum grade and GPA requirements. This is not a change to the program, but rather an addition to the program outline to better disseminate expectations. (p 109)

  • Increased the Lab Fee for HEA 1208 Clinical Procedures (a required course for students in the Certified Medical Assistant (MEDA D292) and Medical Assistant (MEDA C192) programs) and PHM 1204 Pharmacy Operations (a required course for students in the Pharmacy Technician (PHM C337) program). Per January 19, 2021 board approval and effective immediately (Spring 2021), changed from $10 per lab hour to $40 per course under Financial Information. (p. 40)

  • Updated Radiography Prospective Students information to reflect current actual practice. Changes were as follows: A. changed from summer to fall; C. changed from March 1 to February 15; E. 2. changed from two years to three years; E. 6. Removed: If remediation is required by test scores, coursework must be completed prior to retest.; E. 7. Renumbered as E. 6. and directed user to the Financial Information section (specifically) and updated the link provided to direct user to the tuition and fees webpage (specifically); G. rephrased to remove dates. (p. 60)

  • Updated the IAI GECC Courses and the 3 Transfer Degree Outlines due to the addition of a newly approved IAI course. (pp. 49-52)

February 2021 Revisions