Agricultural Technology Production

Students in the Agricultural Technology Production program prepare for careers in farming and farm-related occupations. Besides farming, other entry-level occupations that program graduates may seek include agricultural extension, agronomy, agricultural communication, farm management, agricultural finance, agricultural production, soil and water conservation technicians and positions in agricultural service and supply industries.


Students completing the program will have received instruction in basic agricultural sciences, such as soils, fertilizers, chemicals, animal nutrition, agronomy, animal science, and crop production, and precision agriculture. Students also will be prepared to meet the managerial, financial, and marketing challenges associated with farming and farm related businesses.

Students are required to be a part of a distinctive internship program where students will be trained in entry-level agricultural positions. Learn while you earn in industries such as seed corn production, farming, agricultural equipment operation and maintenance and agricultural service companies.

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Students in the Agricultural Production program will have the opportunity to earn their Commercial Pesticide Operator license. Additionally, students in the program will have the opportunity to take coursework to prepare them to sit for the Commercial Drivers Licenses written test.

One of the most distinctive portions of this program is its internship program. Students can participate in a variety of internships, which can include seed corn production, farming, agricultural equipment operation, agricultural equipment maintenance and operations in agricultural service companies.

Students in WVC's Ag Production program are eligible to participate in several student clubs:

Agriculture Technology Club – Students will participate in campus activities and co-sponsor educational trips

Collegiate Farm Bureau Club- Students will participate in campus activities and in local Farm Bureau activities, attend meetings and presentations on agricultural issues and co-sponsor educational trips

National Professional Agricultural Student Organization – Students can participate in competitions and professional development opportunities

Program Internships – Learn while you earn in entry-level agricultural positions

In addition to scholarships that all WVC students are eligible for, students in WVC's Agricultural Production program are eligible for the Growmark Scholarship.