Four LTC Students Seek Student Trustee Position

Headshots of Guadalupe Amicone, Madisyn McIntosh, Sean Stone, and Abigail Vaughn
Jan 31, 2023

Four Lincoln Trail College students are running to serve as the Student Representative on the Illinois Eastern Community College Board of Trustees. The position rotates between the four colleges in the district and this year is LTC’s year. Guadalupe Amicone, Madisyn McIntosh, Sean Stone, and Abigail Vaughn are vying for the seat. The election takes place on February 22 and 23 in Williams Hall.
Candidates for Student Representative on the Board of Trustees must be enrolled full-time at Lincoln Trail College and have freshman status this year. The student elected to the position will serve on the Board for a year beginning in April.
Guadalupe Amicone
Guadalupe Amicone is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is a women’s soccer player for Lincoln Trail College. She made the Chancellor’s Academic Honors List for the Fall ’22 Semester. She’s also involved in the Future Business Leaders of America. One of Amicone’s passions is learning and trying food from other countries.
“I’ve been here for six months, and I truly believe that this is my place in the world. I love the U.S., its culture, and its people. I’ve had incredible experiences in this country so far.
She is excited about potentially serving as the Student Trustee. “I have the energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and responsibility to do it. I want to return everything that LTC has given to me. I want to listen to all of you because each voice is important in my opinion. These are only words and I want to show them as actions.”
Madisyn McIntosh
Madisyn McIntosh is from Oblong, Illinois, and serves as the Vice-President of Lincoln Trail College’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter. She made the Chancellor’s Academic Honors List for the Fall ’22 Semester.
“While obtaining my high school diploma, I took dual credit classes through Lincoln Tail College. I really enjoyed the classes and professors, so I quickly realized I wanted to transition to this school. Now that I am a student here, I am working for my associates in Science and Arts. Serving as the Vice-President of the FBLA has allowed me to gain real-world experience and build connections that are necessary to succeed in business. After my time here, I plan to transfer to a university to obtain a bachelor's degree in an undecided field of business.”
“Becoming the student trustee has become a goal of mine in the past year. The idea of having a voice for out student body is important and exciting to me. As the trustee, I would be an asset to students by ensuring their welfare and achievement on the Illinois Eastern Community Colleges campuses.”
Sean Stone
Sean Stone is from Princeton, Indiana, and is a baseball player for Lincoln Trail College. He made the Chancellor’s Academic Honors List for the Fall ’22 Semester. Additionally, Stone is involved in Student Senate, Phi Theta Kappa, and the Future Business Leaders of America.
“Now in my second semester of college, I am more motivated than ever to succeed and make a positive difference in all that I do, whether on the baseball diamond, in the classroom, or hopefully as Student Trustee. I intend to give my absolute best effort to anything and everything that I encounter in life.”
Stone says that from the time he was a young boy, he’s chosen decisions through adversity and challenges that have molded him into the person he is today. Growing up, he moved seven times and endured family financial struggles. 
“Growing up, I often felt like an outsider, and while I often wanted to fit in with everyone else, I knew I was being called to be someone who stood out for the right reasons. Upon paving my own path in life, I have made many choices that have molded me into the person I am. I chose to be a multi-sport athlete through my childhood, as well as a self-taught pianist. These involvements gave me both a creative and competitive outlet in which to grow and thrive in building my self-confidence. Additionally, I have always worked to be the best student academically and set the example for my youngest brother that I did not quite have. I was honored to graduate third in my high school class in 2022 as a member of the National Honor Society.”
Abigail Vaughn
Abigail Vaughn is from Lawrenceville, Illinois, and is a volleyball player for Lincoln Trail College. She made the Chancellor’s Academic Honors List for the Fall ’22 Semester. 
“’Just a small-town girl’ may just be catchy lyrics to you, but in the past few years, I have begun to relate to them more and more. I am a small-town girl from Lawrenceville, Ill. with a heart for service, growth, and kindness. I believe that there is beauty in living in a small town, and I want to help enhance that beauty for students at LTC, WVC, OCC, and FCC. By attending LTC, I have been blessed with the opportunities to further my knowledge to pursue a degree in marketing, continue playing volleyball with an uplifting team, and meet several new friends and mentors. IECC brings together students from various backgrounds and geographical regions, but we are all united by our desire to expand our opportunities for future success! It would be a pleasure to serve the students and faculty of IECC by making sure that your voices are heard!”
“Vote for me and I will be a light for: 
I- Illuminating 
E- Every student’s
C- Concerns and 
C- College experiences”