OCC Softball Raising Funds for Press Box

Aug 27, 2021

Olney Central College Softball is raising funds to construct a press box for their field.

“In the nearly 40 years of softball being played at OCC, there has never been a press box,” said Coach Nick Short. “We are looking to change that and are hoping the community can help. This is something I feel is needed and hopefully we can get it completed this fall.”

While providing a designated space for the scoreboard operator and members of the press, the planned 20-by-20-by-12-foot structure also would create much-needed storage space. The softball team doesn’t have a locker room and the facility would create a mudroom for players’ gear.

The college is also making infrastructure improvements to enhance live-streaming capabilities and the press box would aid in those efforts as it could house the router.

“President (Rodney) Ranes has done a great job recognizing the need for upgrades on campus and addressing those needs, especially as they relate to athletics, not just softball, but all the athletic teams,” Short said. “An example is our new batting cage, which is probably the best in the region.”

The team has already raised more than $7,500 toward its $15,000 goal to fund the project.

“We had an individual who got the project started with a large donation,” Short said. “They have supported a lot of things in town and I’m humbled and very appreciative of their support.”

Short said donors will have their names or businesses recognized on both the press box and athletic website.

“I am grateful to those who continue to support the OCC athletic programs,” Short said. “I know there are many deserving entities within the community. I recognize how much the businesses in our community get asked for financial support and they have done a great job. Even if they consider us, and choose not to donate, to the project, I understand. It can’t be overstated the amount of appreciation I have for even being considered.”

For more information about the fund-raising efforts, contact Coach Short at, or call 618-395-7777, ext. 2223. Donations can be made to OCC Softball and mailed to Olney Central College Softball Office, 305 N. West St., Olney, IL 62450.