LTC Earns 2nd in National Competition

Process Tech Team
Apr 26, 2021

Lincoln Trail College Process Technology students took second in the North American Process Technology Alliance’s Troubleshooting Skills Competition on April 24. LTC’s team was made up of Kyler Pankey, Dawson Hawkins, Christopher (Noah) Daugherty, and Austin Price.

The competition features advanced Process Technology students from across the nation. Students use simulation software provided by Simtronics Corporation to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Teams of four work together to troubleshoot a process upset. To qualify for the event, students must currently be enrolled in a Process Technology program on a full or part-time basis. They cannot be employed now or in the past in the industry as an operator.  Ten teams competed for the national championship in timed rounds of simulation-based exercises.
“I’m so proud of my students,” says Process Technology Lead Instructor Tina Lindley. “I initially did this so they could have the experience. I knew they were good, but I didn’t know what to expect from the competition.”

LTC students competed in four different events to measure their operating skills. Lindley says they were tested on things like pumps shutting down and instruments not reading correctly. 

“By winning second place, they showed that they understand what it takes to work in Process Technology and what it takes to be an operator. Troubleshooting is mostly what you do.”

Lindley believes that this will also help enhance LTC’s program. “I think this will help attract more industries to our program because they know that we have the people that can do it.”

In addition to the competition, students had the chance to take part in a career development workshop, network, and hear speakers from Shell Oil Company.

This was the first time Lincoln Trail College competed in the NAPTA Troubleshooting Skills Competition and Lindley says she plans to keep competing in the future.