Lincoln Trail College Planning Secondary Education Academy

May 14, 2021

Lincoln Trail College is giving high school students the chance to make up credits this summer. LTC’s Secondary Education Academy runs from June 7 through July 30 and is broken up into four cohorts, each lasting two weeks.

“We’ve heard from the high schools that there were some students that struggled with online learning during the pandemic,” says Lincoln Trail College Dean of Instruction Brent Todd. “We’re offering the SEA as a way that those students can take classes in a face-to-face setting and make up credits that they need.”

The first cohort runs June 7-18. In the morning, students can take either English or Physical Science. The afternoon session is Personal Finance and Budgeting.

The second cohort runs June 21-July 2 and students can take either Writing or Life Sciences. 

The third cohort is July 6-16 and offers Constitution and Government or Math in the morning and Life Skills in the afternoon.

The final cohort is July 19-30 and offers Social Students or Algebra and Geometry.

The morning sessions run from 8-11:45 Monday through Friday, except for Cohort 3, which runs from 8-12:15 Monday through Friday. The afternoon sessions in Cohorts 1 and 3 run from 1-2:30. 

“Students will select one course in the morning, and they have the option to take an afternoon session in Cohorts 1 and 3 in addition to their morning session or in place of it. In total, each student could take up to six sections of courses,” says Todd.

In addition to the classes, students will be provided lunch with the class. As far as transportation to the classes, Todd says it will be up to the students to get to LTC, but some high schools are making transportation arrangements. The cost of each class is $180. The classes are available to students in grades 9-12 and are available for high school credit only, with the exception of the afternoon sessions which also offer college credit.

Students that want to register for the classes can call the College at 618-544-8657.