Student recipients named for WVC TRIO Student Support Services Participation Grant

Jul 13, 2020

Each year, the IECC TRIO Student Support Services program awards the Student Support Services Participation Grant to eligible students. For students to receive said grant, they must fulfill several requirements.

The students must attend the “Learning to Succeed” seminars which are held two days at the beginning of each academic year. The seminars are comprised of several sessions each day giving the students valuable information to help them be successful during the school year.

They must also successfully complete two classes offered by TRIO SSS, “On Course to Student Success,” and “Career Exploration.” Equivalent substitutions may be made on a per student basis.

During the school year, several workshops are offered which include but are not limited to, “How to Make A Successful Transfer,” and “Business Etiquette.” The students who wish to remain eligible for the TRIO SSS grant must attend at least two workshops each year.

In addition, there is a minimum GPA and completion hour requirement for the students to meet. They also must write an essay and complete the SSSPG application.

The Wabash Valley College TRIO SSS students who were successful in meeting all the above requirements and received the TRIO SSS grant are: Noah Bell, Andrew Cusick, Emily Evans, Josef Gill, Bryce Klingler, Sela Lashbrook, Jozie Rice, Marylee Snyder, Alexia Swift, Katelyn Wagner and Samantha Wilson. Congratulations, students!