Diesel Equipment Technology

Carson Waggoner, 2016 graduate

“The Diesel Equipment Technology program at Wabash Valley College not only taught me mandatory criteria but lessons on life that has shaped me into the employee I am today. They drove responsibility, cleanliness and respectfulness— key attributes to leading others to success.”

Matthew Cheesman, 2016 graduate 

“The well-rounded education I got from WVC provided me with not only immense knowledge in the latest automotive/diesel technology but also with practical real-world knowledge, experiences and situations that are required by today’s employers.” 

Caleb Rice, 2008 graduate and Cummins Sales & Service Manager

"Wabash Valley College has an excellent Diesel Equipment Technology program for any student looking to pursue a career in the diesel industry. I attended WVC from 2006 until 2008, during that time my instructors were able to equip me with the knowledge & tools to succeed in the demanding diesel industry. My time at WVC was very impactful & positive to my career as I continue to advance in the workforce. Without the hard work & dedication of the instructors at WVC to teach & challenge me I would not have been near ready enough to enter the workforce as I was & probably wouldn’t be as successful as I am today. I thank you WVC for running such a great program & giving me a college to be proud to graduate from.