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Wabash Valley College Foundation


The Wabash Valley College Foundation has been active in its support of Wabash Valley College since the first formal steps to establish the College in 1959.  The Foundation has contributed eminently to the organization and development of the College and assists the entire College family in promoting excellence for Wabash Valley College, by securing financial support for special educational and cultural activities which are not part of the ongoing operational expenses of the College.

The Foundation was formed as a non-profit organization in 1963.  The first major project was that of purchasing the 120 acres of land where the campus is located.  Due to the increase in enrollment and course offerings experienced by WVC, and the Foundation’s continuing contributions to the capital development of the College, numerous additions and improvements have been made to the physical facilities at WVC.

The Foundation’s contributions to the capital development of the College include:

  • Purchase of site for the WVC Campus
  • Applied Arts Building
  • Student Center
  • Bookstore
  • Physical Plant
  • Indoor Pool
  • Tennis Courts
  • Valley Gardens Dorms
  • International Building
  • Parking Lots
  • Building Improvements
  • Athletic Fields
  • Vehicles
  • Library Security System
  • Fitness Center
  • Biological Sciences Lab
  • Performing Arts
  • Theatre Lighting Equipment
  • Electronic Marquee
  • Scholarship Program
  • Machine Shop & Manufacturing Technology Center/Equipment
  • Agriculture Technologies Center
  • Administration/Foundation Building
  • Renovation of Main Hall
  • Advanced Technology Center
  • Amphitheatre
  • Donor Recognition Wall
  • Chemistry Lab Renovation
  • Gunsmithing Building Renovation
  • Computer Lab in Library
  • Solar Panels in IS Building
  • Library Books & Equipment
  • Resurfacing of the Tennis Courts
  • Many Ongoing Projects

In addition to these capital developments, the Foundation’s Gassman Endowment Fund has provided funding for instructional equipment in many departments through faculty requests each year.

In looking to the future, the Foundation will continue to support the College's vision which includes sustaining its leadership role in education, making higher education accessible and affordable for everyone and providing quality programs and services.

To ensure WVC’s success and continued progress, the WVC Foundation embarked upon a Major Gifts Campaign, “Investment In Excellence,” several years ago.  Contributors are recognized on a most impressive permanent display in the Brubeck Arts Center.  This fundraising campaign is a two-phase campaign, with the Foundation having met its $2 million in Phase I in endowment funds to be used as a continuing source of income for ongoing College needs, and Phase II is to raise $1 million for immediate needs for the College.

The Foundation hosts several fundraising events each year which includes the annual Chili Supper and the annual Crystal Ball.

The Foundation has a 30-member Board of Directors, as well as Ex-Officio members which include WVC President Dr. Matt Fowler, Faculty Representative Brenda Phegley, Arts Council Representative Jerry Bayne.  There are 13 Lifetime Associate Directors on the Board.  Officers include:  President – Rod Rodriguez, Vice-President – Karin Hodgson, Secretary – Louise Acree, Treasurer – Bob Hocking, Past-President – Jackie Summers.   Serving on the Foundation Board of Directors are:  Kate Ackerman, Louise Acree, Bob Bethards, Toni Brines, Leann Burton, Rob Coleman, Patsy Dean, Robin Dean, Glenn Decker, Tom Dersch, Jane Evans, Tom Ford, Trudy Fowler, Mike Gill, Tracy Gill, Cassandra Goldman, Bob Hocking, Karin Hodgson, Jim Homan, Jo McPherson, Harold Mobley, Bob Mundy, Don Price, Jim Price, Rod Rodriguez, Rachael Smith, Jackie Summers, Phil Summers, Lyle Weber, Tommy Young. 

The Foundation Board of Directors meets at noon on the first Tuesday of each month (except July) in Main Hall Room 101.  Individuals interested in donating to the WVC Foundation should contact Louise Acree, WVC Foundation, 2200 College Drive, Mt. Carmel, Il 62863, ext. 3379 or  A gift to the WVC Foundation is a gift of ability, opportunity, and hope for the future.

Pictured, front row, left to right:  Toni Brines, Jane Evans, Karin Hodgson, Robin Dean, Patsy Dean, Louise Acree; second row:  Tracy Gill, Jackie Summers, Leann Burton, Rachael Smith, Harold Mobley; third row:  Phil Summers, Mike Gill, Tom Ford, Rob Coleman, Jim Homan, Rod Rodriguez, Tom Dersch, Don Price, Glenn Decker.  Not available for photo:  Kate Ackerman Bob Bethards, Trudy Fowler, Cassandra Goldman, Bob Hocking, Jo McPherson, Bob Mundy, Jim Price, Lyle Weber, Tommy Young, WVC President Dr. Matt Fowler, Faculty Representative Brenda Phegley, Arts Council Representative Jerry Bayne. 


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