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Illinois Eastern Community Colleges (IECC) offers excellent transfer programs for students who wish to continue their education at a four-year college or university. Students who plan to transfer usually enroll in the Associate in Science or Associate in Science and Arts degree programs. After successfully completing one of the Associate degrees, the student can generally transfer to a four-year university with junior status.

IECC, along with more than 100 other Illinois colleges, is a participant in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI).  Participation ensures a smooth transfer by allowing for a "package" of approved courses that are completed at IECC and accepted at the receiving institution in place of their own general education requirements.  Click here for more information, including a complete list of approved courses.

In addition to being able to transfer general education courses, students can also transfer courses that will apply to specific baccalaureate majors.  Community college students are encouraged to complete an associate transfer degree.  The following steps makes transfer to a four-year university a smooth process:

1. Follow the IAI road map and check the IAI website at

2. Visit the MyCreditsTransfer website at

3. Go to the Advisement webpage at

4. Get advice from your college advisor.

5. Maintain contact with the receiving institution.

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