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O.W.L  Online Writing Lab

What is O.W.L?

  • O.W.L is an Online Writing Lab to help with academic essays. 
  • If you attended an orientation, you are most likely enrolled in O.W.L.  If you are unsure, visit the Learning Skills Center to enroll today! 

Why use O.W.L?

  • It's Free!
  • Allows "another set of eyes" to review your paperrowl
  • Quick feedback--48 hours max.
  • Can be used for any class writing assignment

How to submit an essay on O.W.L? 

  1. Log into your Entrada acc out at
  2. Select D2L
  3. Under "My Course" Be sure "semester" reads "ALL" in the drop down menu. 
  4. Click on "WVC Writing Lab" under the heading "Tutoring."
  5. On the O.W.L. homepage, select "Submit an essay for Online Revisions and Editing suggestions." under the heading "Content Browser." 
  6. Follow the Instructions and add your attachment. In the comment box, please include: instructor name, class name, and any specific instructions that the tutor should know. 
  7. Visit O.W.L again in 48 hours for feedback under "Updates" it will show that you have "unread feedback."  Click here to see revisions. Look for the RED vertical bar in the margin of your paper-click the bar to see feedback. 
  8. Contact the LSC with any questions or concerns.  618.263.5126 or


Click below for a narrated PowerPoint on how to submit an essay on O.W.L:




Find a problem? Send the issue to us. Thank you!