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Wabash Valley College Hosts Employment Skills Workshop

Wabash Valley College hosted an "Employment Skills Workshop" on Tuesday, February 28, 2017.  The workshop drew in nearly 100 students, mostly from Career and Technical Progrmas, specifically Marketing Business Management, Diesel Equipment Technology and Agriculture Production and Business.  During the afternoon, students rotated through four workshops, learning from a group of experienced and successful professionals in the community.  Robin Dean, from First-Mid Illinois Bank & Trust, delivered a presentation on "Workplace Etiquette."  Tyson Meador, with Advanta Seeds, discussed the many facets and opportunities in the field of agriculture in his workshop "WVC: A Strong Foundation."  Olney Central College's career coordinator, Allan Alldredge introduced students to "Purple Briefcase" an online career builder; and Rick Palmisano from Whayne Supply Company presented "The Art of Interviewing."  





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