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Disability Services

Students with physical, emotional, or learning disabilities are encouraged to seek support in the Learning Skills Center.  With documentation of a disability or a previous Individual Education Plan (IEP),reasonable accommodation's will be provided.  Learning Needs Assessments can also be performed to help students learn ways to overcome any barriers caused by a disability.  

Accommodation's may include:

  • Extended time and quiet place for tests
  • Readers for tests
  • Colored overlays
  • Tape recorders
  • Tutoring

**New Fall 2018**

Lunch & Learn

Grab your lunch and come join us every other Thursday, noon-1p.m. in BMC 3 (room across from the library) for the first few months of school to meet with other college students who are in your same shoes and learn some important strategies and skills that will help you get off to a strong start at WVC!  A few topics that will be discussed are: how to effectively communicate with your instructors, goal setting, standing up and speaking out for yourself and your disability, determining how you learn best (learning style), and much more!  This is also an ideal time to ask questions or address any concerns that you may have.  At the first meeting on Thursday, August 23, PIZZA will be provided--Mark your calendar!  Click on the link below for all the dates and session topics. 

Lunch & Learn Flyer 2018


Disability Services Brochure--Click here:


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