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Annual MSHA Recertification Classes -- Underground & Surface

Please Note:  New Training Format

1st Thursday of EACH month is Underground and Surface 10hr (NO Surface only is allowed0

2nd Thursday of EACH month is Surface only 8hr (NO underground allowed)

All 2017 ART classes begin at 7am

UG & Surface ART 10hr Classes/Dates on Thursday's
7am to 5:30pm
January 12
January 28 (Saturday date)
February 09
March 09
April 13
May 11
June 08
  New Pricing in JULY 2017 $40.00 in state/$80.00 out of state
August 10
September 07
October 12
November 02
December 07
Surface Only ART 8hr Classes/Dates on Thursday's
7am to 3:30pm
Janaury 26
February 23
March 23
April 27
May 25
June 22
July 20   New Pricing in July $40.00 in state/$80.00 out of state
August 24
September 21
October 26
November 16
December 14
Location:   JALC Carterville Campus
Underground and Surface Refresher and Surface Refresher only classes do not require pre-payment;
however, you must reserve a seat in advance by calling (618) 985-2828 ext 8371 or ext 8272.

Please note start times carefully, as late students will not be permitted in class.

If paying with cash, please bring exact change.
Make checks payable to: Illinois Eastern Community Colleges.
Underground miner

 Location: Prairie State Generating Company Training Center


Surface Annual Refresher 


7am to 3:30pm

none available at this time


Call Debbie to register for the class


In-State $40.00
Out-of-State $80.00


Location: Girard Training Center

Dates: 2017  


 10HR UG/Surface Annual Retraining  7am to 5:30pm

 FEBRUARY 10, 2017

 MARCH 31, 2017


 8HR Surface Annual Retraining

In-State: $40.00
Out-of-State: $80.00

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