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Coal Mining Programs Prairie State


Illinois Eastern Community Colleges is proud to partner with Prairie State Energy Campus (PSEC) in a Mining Certificate Program. Classes are underway; don’t miss this exciting opportunity!

Test Taking Refresher Class offered at the Prairie State Training Center; contact Debra Wiedwilt at (618) 824-6512 for details.

The certificate program curriculum is listed below:

Course Credit Hours
CMT 1200 Underground/Surface New Hire/
Introduction to Mining
CMT 1250 Mine Ventilation 4.0
CMT 1220 Mine Roof Control 3.0
CMT 1230 First Aid 4.0
CMT 1210 Accident Prevention 4.0
CMT 2210 Mine Repair I 4.0
CMT 1240 Mining Law 4.0
CMT 2290 Mining Systems 3.0

PSEC will hire qualified individuals to support its mining operation. PSEC will interview interested applicants who have successfully completed the Mining Certificate Program and passed applicable pre-employment tests.

Federal Financial Aid assistance will be provided. Tuition charges are based on residency.

For more information, please contact:

Sibyl Janello (618) 985-2828 x 8371
Kimberly Oliver (618) 252-5400 x 2360
Debra Wiedwilt (618) 824-6512




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