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The Cashore Marionettes

Life in Motion

7:00, Thursday, April 7 

Site imageIn the performance Life in Motion, Joseph Cashore presents his collection of marionette masterworks. Characters of depth, integrity and humanity are portrayed in a full evening unlike anything else in theater today. The performance is a series of scenes taken from everyday life and set to beautiful music by composers such as Beethoven, Vivaldi, Strauss and Copland. Through a combination of virtuoso manipulation, humor, pathos, classic music and poetic insight, The Cashore Marionettes take the audience on a journey that celebrates the richness of life. Life in Motion is a powerful, entertaining, surprising, theatrically satisfying, one-of-a-kind evening for adults and young adults. Mr. Cashore has been designing and performing his remarkable marionettes for over 30 years.

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