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Funny Little Thing Called Love

 7:30, Friday & Saturday, October 17, 18 & 1:30, Sunday October 19

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This deliriously funny new Jones Hope Wooten comedy is all about that four letter word: L-O-V-E. These rollicking tales take you on an around-the-globe journey of unexpected and hilarious twists and turns: A slick, successful used car-selling “Romeo” in Dallas, Texas, believes he's answering Cupid's call, only to realize too late he's wandered into a life-changing trap set by three fed-up "Juliets." In Manhattan, a man tries to battle his way out of a mid-life crisis with an ill-advised and elaborate marriage proposal. Unfortunately, it all goes wildly off track when his caterer passes out, a tap-dancing singing telegram girl arrives and breaks into sobs rather than song, his ex-wife saunters in wearing nothing but a bathrobe and a smile, and a cowering super hero inches nervously across his twelfth-floor window ledge. In a rooftop London bistro, sparks fly when two strangers surprisingly start to connect, only to be thwarted by a hyperactive American tourist who's determined to be the center of attention, and the unpredictable antics of an ancient waitress who wields a wicked sousaphone. And finally, the Hallelujah Girls, a group of fun-loving gals from Georgia, say aloha to their wild sides as they accidentally crash a Hawaiian honeymoon in progress. By the time the evening is over and the moon works its magic, love will conquer all and your sides will ache from laughter!

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