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Della's Diner

1:30, Sunday, April 12Site image

Della’s Dineris an off-Broadway song and dance musical hit with surprises and laughs for the whole family!  This hilarious musical comedy with original country, blues, gospel and rockabilly tunes is sure to entertain! With original show tunes like Side of Fries, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Halfway to Heaven and All-American Male, Della’s Diner is a crowd-pleaser with nothing but fun and laughter on the menu. Della is the sassy, big-hearted café owner who dispenses love, wisdom and moral advice to the parade of odd balls who come and go from her cozy diner on Morning Glory Mountain. Della’s daughter, Ramona, is returning from New York where she made her national singing debut on The Tonight Show. However, Ramona is shocked to learn that her arch-nemesis, country music diva Connie Sue Day, has been released from prison and is making her way back to Morning Glory Mountain. Meanwhile, Della’s husband, survivalist Ricky Jim Robinson, is digging a bomb shelter and preparing to face off with Ramona’s red-white-and-blue husband, Sheriff Ronnie Frank Flaugher.  While Della is trying to keep her family members from killing each other, a stranger arrives in the diner with ties to Della’s past … if only they would let him speak. If all of this isn’t enough, Della discovers that her chili is radioactive – and has been for years! This nationally-touring production is being produced and staged by Springer Theatricals from Columbus, Georgia.


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