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General Education Learning Notes

Below I have listed three of the five IECC General Education Learning Outcomes with links to IDEA’s Notes on Learning. The Notes on Learning are designed to be concise but helpful in addressing specific ways to facilitate learning. As a reminder for this semester, you will need to submit the Gen Ed Instructor Semester Assessment Plan for the Spring semester to your college’s Faculty Assessment Coordinator. If you have any questions on assessing a General Education Outcome, please feel to contact me at (Ext.5533) or your college’s Faculty Assessment Coordinator.

Communication (GE 2) - Students will be able to explain and defend ideas orally and in writing.

 Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning (GE 3) - Students will be able to solve problems using critical thinking and/or quantitative reasoning.

 Information and Technology Literacy (GE 4) - Students will be able to demonstrate information and technology literacy.

General Education at Illinois Eastern Community Colleges provides students a foundation of values, attitudes, and skills necessary to become responsible and concerned citizens and lifelong learners possessing the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and solve problems in a diverse global society.

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