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Be Mindful!

 The second week of the semester has arrived, and I am sure that all of you have hit your stride and are ready for an excellent semester. Spring semester always brings a renewed spirit. Although we are only in January, the idea of warm weather, fresh air, graduation and summer break seem to propel effort from both students and staff alike. Ok, I may be proposing an overly optimistic view of this semester and disregarding the fact that we have just hunkered down through doomsday weather reports that ended up being more bark than bite, but I do think that spring is a time that we all are encouraged by the results of the students that surround us. There is an abundance of student learning and success captured during this semester as there are more students preparing to graduate, participating in internships, and applying for careers and/or baccalaureate institutions. During this time, we should be mindful of the learning experiences that we have cultivated for our students; what worked, what did not, and what actions do we need to take to improve future results. High-quality assessment of student learning practices can help illuminate areas to improve and shed insight into new opportunities. The strength of our institution, our colleges, and our students lies in the learning that occurs each day. Be Mindful! 

Tips for the Assessment of Student Learning

  • Reach out and communicate to all instructors that teach the course across the district and share in a common course assessment. (Curricular)
  • Understand your course’s role in its program curriculum and the role it plays in the general education throughout the IECC. (Curricular)
  • Identify your department’s role in fostering learning across campus and find ways to assess the level of learning through the provided services, actions, or activities. (Co-Curricular)
  •  Review your results and take necessary actions when appropriate to improve student learning in your area. (ALL)

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