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Employee Satisfaction Action Steps

I want to personal thank everyone for completing the FY17 Employee Satisfaction Survey.  This year we received the highest number of responses on record and saw a dramatic increase in part-time engagement. After reviewing the responses on the Assessment of Student Learning, I want to inform each of you of the action steps that I plan to take in response to the quality feedback I received.

Assessment of Student Learning

  • Continue to promote the personal benefits of student learning assessment as a best practice in quality teaching and learning and align the efforts of student learning with student success.
  • Utilize survey of Campus Labs products this spring to gather feedback on the new tools and target future improvements and training.
  • Re-establish the IECC Gen Education Committee to review and improve IECC General Education Student Learning Assessment for FY18 & FY19.
  • Develop step-by-step guides for the new Campus Labs’ products and post online, share via Tuesday Tidbits, and email out individually as needed
  • Promote more adjunct assessment participation and have at least 50 adjunct faculty participate in Gen Ed. Assessment for Spring 2017.
  • Develop paper forms for faculty to complete based on Outcomes module.
  • Promote co-curricular student learning opportunities to each college and assist and design assessment opportunities.
  • Schedule training with Campus Labs for various groups across the district.
  • Provide Individual support has increased by being available to faculty via phone and remote computer access.

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