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New Year Resolutions

Welcome back to the beginning of a new year and a new semester!  Starting a new calendar year usually, signifies time where people reflect back on the last year and establish goals going into the new year. I am sure many of you share this similar experience as it is a cultural tradition. Many of these goals or resolutions focus on self-improvement such as traveling more, losing weight, eating healthy, or saving my money. One resolution that I wanted to share with you for this year is improving time management. As we all know, our schedules are busy both personally and professionally. Finding the perfect workflow is something that we all strive for so we can reach our professional goals and enjoy our personal time. With that in mind, I wanted to share important dates for this upcoming semester and a recommended workflow in regards utilizing our Campus Labs modules. If you ever need any assistance with these systems, do not hesitate to contact me at or ext. 5533. Also, your College’s Faculty Assessment Coordinator would be more than willing to find a time to work with you as well. Have a great Spring 2017 semester, and soon enough summer will be upon us!

Spring 2017 Assessment Dates

 February 10th, 2017 - Create Outcomes & Assessments in Outcomes Module

 May 19, 2017 - FINAL DEADLINE: Spring 2017 Results due in Outcomes Module

 Recommended Campus Labs’ Workflow for IECC Instructors


•        Add or indicate which Outcomes will be assessed during the semester by toggling in the course overview screen. (Outcomes Module)

•        Create assessments for each Course/Program/Gen. Ed. outcome that will be assessed the semester. (Outcomes Module)

•        Create assessments for each section and Gen Ed Rubric that you will use during the semester. (Rubrics Tool) 

•        Create your own rubrics to assess outcomes. (Rubrics)

During Semester

•        Collect Gen. Ed. and other rubric data. (Rubrics Tool)

•        Send out short surveys based on seven best practices in Teaching & Learning. (Feedback Tool)

•        Formatively assess student learning through Response Sessions as needed. (Student Response Tool)

•        Encourage student participation in CEs and track Course Evaluation Response Rates. (Faculty Module)

End of Semester

•        Add Results and complete narratives to each assessment that has been created for the semester. (Outcomes)

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