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Campus Safety and Security Policy

The Illinois Eastern Community Colleges Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of a college environment that is safe and free of crime. Programs of crime prevention, college security procedures, and drug and alcohol abuse have been implemented to promote a crime-free environment. Information regarding these programs is available from your college Student Services Office. The college environment includes all students, employees and other persons participating in IECC classes, programs, services and other activities and events.

Students and employees are encouraged to report all on-campus threats to security to the president or his/her designee, including murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. Similarly, students and employees are encouraged to report on-campus arrests for liquor law violations, drug law violations, and weapons possessions. Other activities that pose a threat to student and employee security should also be reported to the president or the president's designee, including possible criminal activity that might occur in classes being taught or events occurring at places other than immediate college property.

IECC custodial/maintenance personnel or other college personnel are responsible for the security, access, and maintenance of all college buildings and grounds and will be present on campus during all times that classes are in session. IECC administration monitors and evaluates campus safety on an ongoing basis.

The possession and/or use of firearms, ammunition, fireworks, dangerous materials, and combustible materials are strictly prohibited except by law enforcement officials, for approved course work, or when the Concealed and Carry Policy (100.28) applies. Violators will be reported to local law enforcement agencies.

The possession, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs by anyone while participating in IECC classes, programs, services and other activities and events is strictly prohibited. Violators will be reported to local law enforcement agencies.

IECC will monitor and cooperate with law enforcement agencies to apprise students and employees of arrests of students or employees that occur in the community. Upon request, IECC will provide appropriate disciplinary information to victims of violent crimes. Campus crime statistics will be made available to all students, employees, and the college community, as well as to student applicants and prospective employees in an annual report.

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