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OCC Alumnus Releases Third CD With Dynamo

Ross McReynolds PhotoThe Nashville, Tenn.-based group, Dynamo, featuring Olney Central College alumnus Ross McReynolds, as drummer/percussionist, released its third CD, “Celina,” this month.

McReynolds has found significant performing and recording success after graduating from OCC. Dynamo has performed at Olney Central College twice, most recently at the 2016 OCC Jazz Festival, as well as touring nationally over the past four years.

“‘Celina’ is the most well recorded, produced and mixed record we’ve done so far,” McReynolds said. “We recorded this album in Syracuse, N.Y., and were welcomed with open arms by all of the wonderful people, especially all who were involved in the project.”

McReynolds has also toured internationally, performing for the Prince and Princess of Monaco for the Prince’s 10-year inauguration celebration. He also spent a summer as the house drummer for The Grand Hotel Orchestra on Mackinac Island, Mich., in 2014. A highlight of his summer of 2016 was a performance with the band The Muddy Magnolias at Lollapalooza, in Chicago.

McReynolds feels that the time he spent in the OCC Music Department laid a foundation for the success he is now experiencing.

“If it were not for the teachers that I met at OCC, I would not be where I am now,” said McReynolds, who is from Newton. “Suzanne Fassett and Mark Doerries were my first musical mentors and really showed me the right steps to become a career musician.”

The Dynamo experience is very close to McReynolds’ heart, however. “What is special about Dynamo is the sense of community that it creates. By the end (of the recording session week), we had become friends with so many new people who we continue to stay connected with. I think only a healthy group of friends can go to a new city and create that sort of familial social circle,” he added.

Previews of the album with its first single “Thankful” are available on the Dynamo Facebook page and on YouTube. Their new CD, “Celina,” is available on

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