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Internship Leads to Full-time Position for HR Assistant Grad

Pauline Matthews PhotoOlney Central College graduate Pauline Matthews is launching a new career after landing a full-time job through her internship.

“I love working at Legence Bank,” Matthews said. “Legence is very committed to the community and I enjoy being involved and active with those we serve.”

Matthews had been working construction in the Mt. Carmel area for five or six years when she decided to switch careers. Her desire to move into an office position led her to enroll in OCC’s Human Resource Assistant Program. With a majority of the classes available online, it was an ideal fit for her busy life.

“I have kids and I have to work, it is not an option,” she said. “The online classes made it easy to earn my degree. I could have finished faster, but I took my time completing my degree. I would take two or three classes at a time so I wasn’t overwhelmed. I was scared I wasn’t smart enough to go to college, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be and now I’m working in the field. The program was very flexible and all of the instructors were amazing.”

Matthews is especially grateful to Instructor Amie Mayhall, who was instrumental in securing the internship.

“We moved to Eldorado and I needed to start my internship,” Matthews said. “I called Amie and told her I didn’t know a soul here and had no idea where I was going to be able to complete my internship. Amie reached out to colleagues at the local community college and pulled out all her resources to find me an internship. I had never even thought of working in a bank.”

In January, Matthews joined the Talent and Development Department at Legence Bank in Eldorado. A month later, an HR position opened creating the opportunity for Matthews to move into a full-time position.

“I spent the rest of my internship training for the job, but it wasn’t guaranteed,” she said. “If they didn’t feel I was right for the job, I wasn’t going to get it. Legence doesn’t want someone who just does a job. They want someone who is passionate about what they do.”

Throughout the semester, Matthews continued plugging away at her classwork as she finished her internship. On April 23, she joined the bank as its Talent Development Specialist. One of her initial duties has been establishing policy and developing a program that will assist future interns.

“When I started my internship, I was just filing and not really learning all of the ins and outs of the department,” she said. “Now, our interns will actually be doing the work right alongside our employees.”

Matthews is continuing her education as well. She attended Legence’s “Boot Camp” in San Diego, Calif., which provides additional training for employees.

“Legence really encourages you to attend any kind of training that will help you in your job,” Matthews said. “They will even pay for books that will help you in your position.”

Matthews is excited about her future and thrilled with her decision to complete OCC’s Human Resource Assistant Degree.

“I wish more people would look into the program,” she said. “HR is changing. It’s not just doing payroll and filing anymore. We are moving toward talent and development. We are helping to train people and coaching them.”

Matthews encourages others to consider enrolling in OCC’s HR Assistant Program.

“I’m so glad that I did,” she said. “Amie went out of her way for me. Not just to find any place for an internship, but somewhere that was a good fit for me. I don’t know that any other colleges would have done that. You can tell she is passionate about what she does. She could have said. ‘Sorry you are going to have to come to Olney for your internship,’ but she didn’t. I am very blessed to have met Amie.”

For more information or to register for OCC’s HR Program, call 395-7777.

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