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OCC Bookstore Adds eBook Option to Help Reduce Textbook Costs

Bookstore PhotoThe Olney Central College Bookstore and OCC faculty want to reduce sticker shock for students by providing a new eBook option this fall.

For just $119 plus tax, students will be able to purchase the Cengage Unlimited access code, which will allow them to view any textbook published by Cengage Learning.  

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this savings to our students,” said Bookstore Manager Cristina Siegel. “Textbook costs have continued to rise in recent years and we have had no choice but to increase our prices as well. We see so many students who are scared when they see the prices of their books. I think both the students and their parents will be excited at the cost savings.”

Siegel said some students could see textbook costs drop by hundreds of dollars.

“Last fall, OCC accounting students had to purchase three books totaling $600,” Siegel said. “Those same textbooks could be accessed through Cengage Unlimited, saving the students nearly $500.”

Although OCC uses other publishers’ textbooks — which wouldn’t be included in the offer — Cengage Learning is the college’s biggest supplier, Siegel said. Last fall, 15 different instructors were using 33 of the firm’s textbooks.

“We already have another instructor who is planning to switch to Cengage textbooks this fall,” Siegel added. “I think as the instructors find out how beneficial this is to our students we will see even more change over.”

Students who choose Cengage Unlimited also have the option to purchase an inexpensive loose-leaf copy of their textbooks, for an additional fee.

“I know some people like to have a hard copy of the material,” Siegel said. “We will have to order those. If a student wants one, all they have to do is come into the Bookstore and request it.”

The publisher also is offering “free” rental for students direct from them. Students only pay shipping costs of approximately $7 to $12 each way.

Students will even have access to free tutoring through Cengage Unlimited.

“Assisting the students is what we are here for,” Siegel said. “We are thrilled to be able to offer these savings and services to the students.”

Students can purchase fall textbooks beginning July 30.

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