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OCC's Cozy Corner Celebrating Playground Updates

Cozy Corner PhotoOlney Central College’s Cozy Corner is celebrating the completion of its playground updates.

“This is such a big improvement for our kids,” said Director Bev Mathews, who has worked at the OCC childcare program for 14 years. “I think the children will really enjoy and benefit from a more updated playground.”

Efforts to enhance the facility began three years ago. Assistant Dean of Student Services Andi Pampe applied for a Carrie Winter Trust grant, which was awarded and used to purchase new equipment. Cozy Corner also hosted several fund-raising activities that ranged from manning lemonade stands to selling suckers and Dairy Dee ice cream.

The project got underway this summer with the construction of a new sidewalk leading from Wattleworth Hall to the playground.

“The sidewalk is great for the kids,” Mathews said. “We can stay on a nice path and go to the playground without worrying about them stepping on bees or getting their feet wet.”

The work also included tree removal around the site and the installation of new fencing. A new playground slide and climber, which will accommodate older children, also was purchased.

“Everyone will be able to play on it,” Mathews said. “It is a great benefit for us as we are licensed for children 2 to 12 years old. We have older kids after school and during the summer who will really enjoy it.”

The OCC Welding Program also helped rehab the playground’s existing bouncy truck. Students repaired the equipment and redesigned it to resemble a Tonka Truck.

In the future, an awning will be installed over the playground to provide additional shade for the children.

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