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Foundation Provides Funds for New Microscopes

Microscopes PhotoOlney Central College students have access to new high-quality microscopes purchased with funding from the OCC Foundation.

The new equipment will be used by OCC nursing and pre-nursing students as well as those enrolled in the General Biology I and II courses. The Foundation previously provided funds for 10 microscopes and the latest addition brings the total of new microscopes in the Life Sciences lab to 20.

“With microscopes for biology students, it’s really important that when they look through the microscope for the first time they have a good experience,” said Life Science Instructor Jim Burnett. “So many students come from high schools where they do not have modern or up-to-date equipment because it is so expensive. It isn’t a reflection on the high school — many just can’t afford them. It’s important when students get here they get excited about microscopy and having a good experience is essential.”

The new microscopes are replacing equipment that has been used in OCC’s lab for several years.

“We don’t want students struggling with the old equipment,” Burnett said. “These new microscopes produce sharp, clear images. With these, students will have a good experience. This is a big positive for us, which the Foundation has made possible. We are so lucky to have the Foundation supporting the sciences at OCC. It makes a big difference for our students.”

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