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Getting Started

Computer Skills and Requirements
You will need a computer or have access to a computer and/or mobile device. You must also have a connection to the Internet. You may be able to use a computer lab at one of our four colleges.
You should already be familiar with a computer and how to operate it. Online learning does NOT instruct you in how to use a computer. If you are not familiar with a computer, then you should take an Intro to Computers course in a face to face classroom before attempting an online course.

Course Schedule
Verify that there is a course offered for which you would like to register. Register for the courses with Student Services. You may be required to take CIS 1104. See below.

Intro to Online Learning
All students taking an online and/or most hybrid courses are required to take course CIS 1104 - Intro to Online Learning Services. This will help prepare you for online course work and to determine if online learning is right for you.
Course Description:
CIS 1104 is an assessment of a student's skill and ability to effectively learn using the IECC LMS system. In addition, various learning methods will be presented to help the student evaluate if online learning is right for him/her.
Student will successfully demonstrate:
1. An understanding in using the Learning management System (LMS) at IECC.
2. The ability to evaluate his/her own learning style and if it is compatible with online learning.
About the Course:
  • The course is FREE OF CHARGE
  • Can be completed in a day
  • Receive .5 credit hours upon completion
  • Course is fully online

If you have a course you would like to take online you should contact Student Services at one of our four colleges. Register for the online course(s) you wish to take and for CIS 1104 - Intro to Online Learning.


Registering for Courses

When CIS 1104 - Intro to Online Learning is completed, or waived, you will be able to access any online course(s) for which you are registered.

Need More Information?

If you cannot find the information you are looking for regarding online classes, please contact us using the online request form.



Find a problem? Send the issue to us. Thank you!