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CIS 1104 Intro Learning Services Online

CIS1104 is a course specially designed for students to determine if online learning is for them. The course is fully online and takes a student through a wide variety of areas of online learning. The course transitions a student into Desire2Learn (D2L)/Brightspace, the LMS (learning management system) used by IECC.

What CIS 1104 is all about...
All students new to online and hybrid learning are required to take course CIS 1104 Intro Learning Services Online to help prepare for online course work and to determine if online learning is right for you. Students who have completed online courses at other institutions may be waived from CIS1104, based on student records verification.

Course Description
CIS1104 is an assessment of a student's skill and ability to effectively learn via course(s) instructed online. Topics include evaluating a student's learning style, basic computer and web browsing skills, and web based learning tools. Emphasis will be placed on using computer hardware and software to access online resources and programs. In addition, various learning methods will be presented to help the student evaluate if online learning is right for him/her.

Student will successfully demonstrate:
  • The basic ability to use computer hardware such as mouse, keyboard, disks, and modem.
  • A basic understanding of using web browsers, web based learning tools, and other software needed in online courses.
  • The ability to evaluate his/her own learning style and if it is compatible with online learning.

About the Course:

  • Can be completed in a day
  • .5 credit hours awarded upon completion
  • Fully online


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