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Online Certificates

List of Degrees
Online Degree and Certificates
The links on this page will take you to certificate overviews and requirements. These are fully* online certificate programs IECC is approved to offer by The Higher Learning Commission. Keep in mind these outlines only show online classes, which fulfill the specific degrees requirements. If you want to take some classes online and other face-to-face in a classroom, to fulfill the requirements, please visit the academics section of this website for a full list of courses under the same certificate name.

* Currently all courses listed are fully online, with the exception of SPE 1101 Fund of Effective Speaking. This course requires several visits to the college. See program requirements if this course is needed.

Online: All courses and programs offered online are contingent on class enrollment.


C195 Medical Transcription (MEDTR)

C240 Sales (SALES)

C364 Paraprofessional Educator (EDU)  -  FCC      LTC      OCC      WVC

It is the student’s responsibility to work closely with an advisor so that electives are appropriate, transferable, and applicable toward the student’s major at the transfer college or university.

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