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Foundation Provides Funding for Muscular Figure

Muscular Figure Photo

Olney Central College recently purchased a new muscular figure with funding it received from the OCC Foundation.

Instructor Carol Weiler said students will use the three-dimensional model in the Anatomy/Physiology for Massage Therapy I and II classes as well as the Pathophysiology for Massage Therapy course. The new equipment covers all of the body systems addressed in the classes.

Weiler said the intricate model is hand-painted and can be taken apart allowing students to see inside the chambers of the heart and even to remove the brain. Before acquiring the new muscular model, Weiler had to utilize paper diagrams during class discussions.

“Its visualization as well as the hands-on identification capabilities will enhance the learning experience,” Weiler said. “This will help students with identifying body parts, now as students, and even later as massage therapists. It will improve the overall hands-on practical experience one needs in the classroom as well as give the students the skills and confidence to be successful massage therapists.”

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