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Furniture Refinishing Class Starts Jan. 9

Have a family heirloom or damaged piece of furniture you want to restore to its former glory? Learn how this spring with Olney Central College’s furniture restoration class.

Instructor Loran Budde has more than 40 years’ experience refinishing furniture and welcomes the opportunity to pass on his knowledge to others.

“If someone has a piece they would like to refinish, but aren’t sure how to go about it, I encourage them to take the class,” he said. “I’ll be there to show them how to do the needed repairs and how to finish it out.”

The course is ideal for beginners, as Budde teaches students step-by-step the complete refinishing, restoration and repair process, while addressing furniture stripping, staining and color matching. Students will have access to professional refinishing equipment including stripping, rinse and spray tanks.

Past projects have ranged from chairs and chest of drawers to a glass showcase and even an oak dining table with three leaves.

“Whether it is something small or a larger project, we can work with it,” Budde said.

Learning how to restore and refinish pieces is well worth the time and effort, Budde stressed.

“Sometimes the older furniture is a lot better than what you buy today,” he added.

The course, HEC 2299 Furniture Restoration, will meet from 6 to 8:50 p.m. on Tuesdays, beginning Jan. 9. For more information or to register, contact OCC Student Services at 618-395-7777.

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