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The mission of the Illinois Eastern Community Colleges, Olney Central College Associate Degree Nursing Program is to provide exceptional educational opportunities for qualified persons to enter the profession of nursing. This mission is achieved by providing a quality, balanced curriculum of general education and nursing courses.


Illinois Eastern Community Colleges, Olney Central College Associate Degree Nursing Program is committed to excellence in education through innovative teaching and collaboration with the communities we serve. We value and will promote ethical integrity, holistic caring, collaboration, excellence, personal and professional development, and respect of diversity as we facilitate students as members of the profession of nursing and citizens of the broader community. Our values are a reflection of the culture and character of the program and guide us in achieving our vision.


Ethical Integrity:

We endeavor to adhere to a consistent standard of ethical behavior that is grounded in the Code of Ethics for Nurses, respecting the dignity, self-determination, and worth of all persons across the lifespan.

Holistic Caring

We seek to promote culturally sensitive health, healing, and hope within the context of a wellness-illness continuum.  We affirm the uniqueness of individuals based on their experiences, religious beliefs, and value system.


We seek to develop cooperative relationships which reduce conflict, build trust, and create networks for sharing information and for mutual learning.


We aspire to continuous improvement in knowledge, understanding, and quality care.  We recognize that change is constant and endeavor to continually seek ways to improve practive, personal growth, and collegiality.

Personal Development:

We encourage persons to engage in activities that nurture mind, body and spirit and enhance maturation as a person and a professional.


We recognize the dignity, strength and uniqueness of each person and strive to provide an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

 The values of the IECC/OCC Associate Degree Nursing program are conguent with the values of Illinois Eastern Community Colleges, District #529 which are compassion, respect/self-respect, fairness, truth/honor, and responsibility.


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