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College for Kids registration under way

 Lincoln Trail College is now taking registrations for its revamped College for Kids program scheduled for 9 to 11:30 a.m. July 7 to 11.

College for Kids is a weeklong camp of unique enrichment courses for students in grades kindergarten through eight. The sessions offer students an opportunity to use their imaginations and socialize with students from other area schools.

Students in grades K through 2 are invited to participate in two classes: Works of Art and also Music, Instruments, Stories…Oh My!

Holly Gallagher will lead Works of Art. In this session, students will read books and study the art techniques of author/illustrators such as Leo Lionni, Eric Carle and Peter Reynolds. Students will work on art projects based on the different stories and techniques.

The second session, led by Sarah Boehl, will focus on playing percussion instruments to accompany stories. Movement activities with props is included in this hands-on class.

Students in grades 3 through 5 will choose one of two camps: Music Exploration or Wacky Weaving and Blazing Beading.

During the music class, Katie Zdanowski will lead students on an exploration of different styles of music. They will create unique sounds on a variety of instruments and compose their own short piece using graphic notation.

Yosha Dasenbrock will teach children how to weave and create with beads during Wacky Weaving and Blazing Beading.

Students in grades 6 through 8 may choose from one of three available camps: Cartooning, Exploring Music Outside the Box, and Creative Writing Expedition.

Angela Compton will lead the Cartooning session. During this class, students will create their own character and a story board. They will develop bodies, facial expressions and movement.

Tara Gallion will lead the hands-on music class which will give students an opportunity to experience music in a new way. Projects will center around music but will also include art, science and composition components. This class is designed for students of all musical abilities.

The final selection, Creative Writing Expedition, will be led by Tiffany White who will lead students on a journey through a variety of writing genres.

Pre-registration is required, as class size is limited. Cost is $65 per child. Call (618) 544-8657, ext. 1427 to register.



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