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Process Technology Students Tour Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Students in the Process Technology program at Lincoln Trail College explored the food and beverage side of the industry by taking a trip to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in St. Louis, Mo.

The students toured the brewery and saw the process of how beer is made from start to finish. While the trip was intended as a fun experience for the students, LTC Career Advisor Erin Volk says it was also designed to be educational.

“There are so many different ways they can use what they’ve learned in the Process Technology program. A lot of our students come in and they know Marathon because it’s right here and it’s something they’ve been exposed to. This is just another way to expand their view of the industry and to see other uses of their program.”

She says process technology touches many industries and the goal is to show students those different opportunities. Some of those opportunities include the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, and paper mills.

Nick Wolfe is a 2017 graduate of LTC’s Process Technology program. He says the tour of the brewery gave him a chance to see some of the things he’s learned in a different context.

“A lot of the stuff we learned in the program like instrumentation and control valves are prevalent through all of the process industry and we got a chance to see that in action here.”

Process Technology instructor Keith Nash says one of the goals of the tour was to make sure students could see what they’ve learned put to use in the real world.

“I’ve had a lot of grads who have gone to work tell me they really saw things when they got out and actually worked on equipment.  Here they couldn’t actually work on it, but they could see other people work on it and see the things we talk about in class in person.”

2017 graduate Amy Catt says that was one of the things she liked the most about the tour. “You can read it and understand it, but when you see it, it makes everything click together.”

Catt is hoping that future classes will continue to do tours like this because it shows the different opportunities out there for graduates. 

“We need to do more power plants because that’s a job possibility. We need to throw in a wastewater facility because that’s another job possibility. We should broaden the horizons and show everybody that there’s more to the program than just oil.”

Nash says he wants students to realize the variety of opportunities students have when they graduate from the program. “They can work in an industry like this with the education they get at Lincoln Trail College.”

The Fall Semester begins August 17 and LTC is in the process of enrolling new students into the Process Technology program. Students that are interested in learning more about the field can contact Volk at 618-544-8657, ext. 1168.

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