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IT Staff


District Wide
DO Alex Cline Director of Information & Communications Technology
DO Cris Costantino Research Data Analyst
DO Jane Frazier (PT) Introduction to Online Learning Instructor
DO Jeff Gumbel Coordinator of Web and Online Learning Services
DO Carrie Hallam Information Technology Trainer/Support
DO Paul Tait Systems Administrator
DO Cindy Westendorf Help Desk/Computer Technician
DO Dave Wingert Information Systems Technician
DO Jay Zwilling Systems Administrator

Location Technicians
FCC Terry Chrtt Information Systems Technician 4432
LTC Chuck Bennett Information Systems Technician 1143
OCC Allen Simpson Information Systems Technician 2280
WVC Bobby Moyes Information Systems Technician 3756

Help Desk
Contact the IECC Help Desk (using the navigation menu on the left) anytime you have operational or technical questions.

Find a problem? Send the issue to us. Thank you!