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FCC Adult Education Offering FREE GED Classes Around IECC District

FCC will be offering free GED Test Prep classes for the Summer 2018 semester.  Classes are available in the following areas:  Albion, Bridgeport, Fairfield, Flora, Lawrenceville, Newton, and Noble.   Online and hybrid classes are also available to qualifying students.  The 5-week GED Test Prep classes review all of the subjects on the GED exam:  math, writing, reading, science, social studies and the Constitution.  Additionally, students review job preparation skills.  Upon completion of the course, students can take the computerized GED exam on FCC’s campus.


The Adult Education Program is also offering the following classes this summer:  Job Skills, Transition Skills, and Math for the GED.  Transition Skills is a course intended for students who have recently completed some or all of the high school equivalency testing, as it will prepare them to enter college or the workforce while studying for any remaining GED Tests.   Math for the GED is offered to students who have completed all GED Testing except the math portion, as it will provide a refresher for all concepts to be covered in that area.


 5-week classes for the Summer B 2018 semester begin the week of July 2 and run through August 3.  On-site registrations will be offered for your convenience.  No appointment is necessary.

 See below for more information on our GED Test Prep classes:


Monday & Wednesday/ 5:00-9:00 PM / Edwards County High School Rm 130 / Instructor: Julie Robinson
On-site Registration: Wednesday, June 20, from 5PM – 7PM at Edwards County Elementary School, Rm 130


Monday & Wednesday / 5PM – 9PM / Red Hill High School Rm D 107 / Instructor: Angela Grimes
On-site Registration: Wednesday, June 20, from 5PM – 7PM in Room D 107 of Red Hill High School


Tuesday & Thursday / 8AM -12PM (noon) / FCC Classroom Bldg 107 / Instructor: Stacey Legg
Tuesday & Thursday / 5PM – 9PM / FCC Classroom Bldg 107 / Instructor: Cody Skees
On-site Registration: Monday-Friday from 7:30AM - 3:00PM  or by appointment in the Adult Education Office


Tuesday & Thursday / 8:30AM – 12:30PM / First Christian Church (100 West 4th St) / Instructor: Karen Briscoe
Tuesday & Thursday / 5PM – 8PM / First Christian Church (100 West 4th St) / Instructor: Lauren Pettit
On-site Registration:  Thursday, March 1, from 1PM – 5PM at the First Christian Church


Tuesday & Thursday / 5:00PM - 9:00PM / Parkside Elementary School Rm D 118 / Instructor: Angela Grimes
On-site Registration:  Tuesday, June 19, from 5PM - 7PM in Room D 118 of  Parkside Elementary School


Tuesday & Thursday / 12PM – 3PM / The Landing (8526 N Hwy 130) / Instructor: Jessica Parrent
On-site Registration:  Tuesday, June 19, from 1PM – 3PM at The Landing


Monday & Wednesday / 5PM - 8PM / West Richland Center / Instructor: Julie Robinson
On-site Registration:  Thursday, June 21, from 6 PM - 8PM at the West Richland Center


To register for any GED Test Prep class, call FCC’s Adult Education Department at 618-842-3711
or toll-free at 1-877-464-3687.
Find a problem? Send the issue to us. Thank you!