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A message from President Timothy L. Taylor, Ph.D.

Please accept my warmest welcome to Frontier Community College!President Taylor - FCC

Whether you are an individual seeking higher education after high school; an employee searching for a way to upgrade your current skill set; an employer searching for strategies to enhance your current workforce's skills; an employer looking for highly skilled graduates; or an individual interested in taking a class for personal interest; I believe you will find that the College’s faculty and staff is completely dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Whatever your need, Frontier is the right place for you.

Established in the summer of 1976, FCC is one of four colleges that make up the greater Illinois Eastern Community College (IECC) District. Initially, the IECC Board of Trustees commissioned FCC to serve Clay, Edwards, Jasper, Lawrence, Wayne, and White Counties. In establishing this charge, FCC was built as a promise to our community to be “the campus without walls.” That commitment – of bringing continuing education and training to where the learners are – still provides an underpinning that influences the accessibility and flexibility of our programs and services.

Today, as the college has grown to adapt to the requirements of a knowledge-based economy and to further support the economic development of our region, we have continued our “campus without walls” mission and expanded it to the “college beyond walls.” Building upon the initial vision for the college, Frontier now provides a comprehensive curriculum of transfer-oriented baccalaureate, career and technical, liberal arts and sciences, continuing education, and adult basic education courses – many of which lead to associate degrees and/or certificates. In addition, the college is happy to customize skills-based education and training opportunities to meet the needs of employers and employees. In doing so, Frontier has earned a solid reputation for providing high quality, practical, accessible, flexible, and affordable education, and services. Toward that end, the faculty and staff are dedicated to being a great Community College, an ambition which begins and ends with fulfilling this promise for each and every one of our students, employers, and community residents.

As an individual, our “college beyond walls” promise means that Frontier’s courses will prepare you for the high-skill, high-pay jobs of tomorrow by: exposing you to practical learning opportunities supported by cutting-edge technology; flexible class schedules; innovative and dedicated faculty; work-based learning opportunities; and an array of support services intended to help you overcome any complication you might encounter. This “college beyond walls” promise is aimed at helping you get the skills and abilities you need to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Education has the power to change lives and at Frontier it is our intention to help you change your life by providing the high quality courses you want, when you want them, where you want them, and how you want them. So as you check out our college, please let us know how we can meet your needs. I want to encourage you to take the next step by calling, e-mailing, or visiting our campus and let us show you how Frontier can help change your life. We look forward to having you here.


Timothy L. Taylor, Ph.D.
Frontier Community College

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