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2014 Community Art Show

Pictures taken from the show are located at FCC Facebook Page

The second annual Community Art Show at Frontier Community College on April 4 had a large turnout with 171 entries and 270 guests in attendance throughout the day.   The Adult Best of Show was awarded to Kendall Pottorff of Flora for his painting, The Old Mill.  The High School Best of Show went to Logan Tharp of Norris City for his pencil drawing of Clint Eastwood.  The evening concluded with awards being presented for First, Second, and Third place in both the adult and high school divisions.

 Community Adult Division:

First Place - Marjorie Kimpel, Fairfield;  Second Place - Kendall Pottorff, Flora; Third Place - Brad Yeager, Fairfield

First Place – Andrew Simpson, Fairfield; Second Place – Erin Sexton, Fairfield; Third Place – Kyla McCormick

First – Sarah Vaughn, Barnhill; Second – David Billingsley, Flora; Third – Sarah Vaughn, Barnhill

First – Wesley Reynolds, Fairfield; Second and Third– Connie Bullard, Fairfield

First – Janette Zurliene, Fairfield; Second – Tammy Vail, Fairfield; Third – Barb Ethridge, Fairfield

This year’s show included a night light competition for students enrolled in stained glass classes at Frontier Community College.  As a class project, adjunct instructor Phyllis Gill required each student to choose their own pattern to make a unique night light.  There were 34 entries and Jan Schultz won with her water lily night light.

 High School Division:

First Place – Bethany Summerfield, West Salem; Second – Bridgett Russell, Newton; Third – Jenni Orr, Albion

First – Logan Tharp, Norris City; Second – Melanie Ellison, Norris City; Third – Taylor Roosevelt, Albion

First – Matthew Jake, Fairfield; Second – Tabitha Bashore, Fairfield; Third – Audrey Kelly, Cisne

First and Second – Katelyn Scott; Third – Chelsea Walker, Fairfield

First – Summer Wilson, Cisne; Second – Audrey Kelly, Cisne; Third – Kourtney Hint, Flora



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