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FCC Holds Advisory Committee Meetings

               On Wednesday, October 25, Frontier Community College (FCC) invited local professionals to attend Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program Advisory Committee meetings.  The event was held in FCC’s Workforce Development Center.  CTE programs represented at the meeting included Automotive Technology, Construction Technology, Executive Office Professional, Fire Science, and Paramedicine.

               After a dinner provided by the college, members split up into their appropriate committees in Workforce classrooms.  CTE program representatives provided members with an overview of the program, followed by a review of course curricula.  Committee members were then encouraged to give suggestions for program enhancements based on their professional experience.  Members also gave program representatives ideas for internship opportunities and guest speakers in the classroom.

               The purpose of an advisory council meeting is to determine the preparedness of FCC students.  With the help of local professionals, program representatives can ensure that they are equipping students with the right skills and competencies for their field of study.  Through advisory council meetings, FCC works to better prepare and market students for future careers.

               Dean of Instruction Paul Bruinsma believes these meetings are very helpful in providing advanced, student-centered instruction in the CTE programs.  “To ensure high-quality, relevant CTE programs at FCC, the involvement of business, industry, and government in our decision-making process is essential,” says Bruinsma. 

               Frontier Community College holds CTE Program Advisory Committee meetings each semester to maintain innovative programs in the face of an ever-changing economy and workforce.

Automotive Technology Committee:  FCC Instructor Rodney Maxey, Kelley Biggs, Dick Price, Mike Sullivan, Lance Robbins, and Denis Lambrich.

Construction Technology Committee:  FCC Adjunct Instructor Steve Brokaw, Pam Barbee, Dean Kieffer, Joel Horton, Larry Barbre, and David Savage.

Executive Office Profesional Commitee:  Director of Instructional Services Megan Black, Jennifer Vaughan, FCC Adjunct Instructor Sarah Rush, Megan Berg, Amy Pollard, Greg Gibbs, and FCC Adjunct Instructor Sarah Pickens.

Fire Science Committee:  David Harrison, Jarad Blanton, Aaron Brown, Andrew Miller, Mike Everett, Emergency Preparedness Program Director Scott Meserole, Harold Alka, and James Johnson.

Paramedicine Committee:  Tom Windland, Danny Humphreys, Jahn Sundstrom, Assistant Director of Emergency Preparedness Leslie Scott, Sue Travous, Jeff Johnson, Darla Windland, and Keith Colclasure.

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