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About the Program

Frontier Community College's Automotive Technology Program is a two-year Associate in Applied Science.  Instruction is a balance between classroom learning and a hands-on lab providing strong diagnostic and repair skill abilities. The program has the latest equipment that includes a tire machine and balancer, computer diagnostic equipment, engine repair equipment and special service tools for brake, steering, suspension and transmission system diagnosis and repair, and a Snap On alignment machine. In November 2017, the program received a generous donation to purchase an automotive lighting system trainer.  The trainer has the capability to create a variety of different circuits, and students can troubleshoot using the same system.  It is also to be used in conjunction with the Snap-on Multimeter certification, which the program received approval to offer in 2017.

Incorporated into the lab training is the diagnostic simulator that is the engine, transmission, electrical steering system, and A/C system of a 2007 Pontiac G5.  The computerized fault box  allows the instructor to simulate over 35 common problems that students have to trace down.  The simulator is open allowing students to examine all the system’s components up close.

The program now frequently works with two 2016 Toyota Highlanders, which were donated to the program by Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Princeton, Indiana.  One vehicle is an all-wheel drive, while the other is equipped iwth a luxury package.  Both Highlanders are utilized in classes to help students learn the latest advancements in automotive technologies.

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The Automotive Technology program has earned the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). Following the NATEF guidelines, students can take the NA3SA test that pertains to the completed material as a standardized measuring tool and become NATEF Certified. “Passing each part of the NA3SA indicates that the student fully understands the criteria,” stated Automotive Program Instructor Rodney Maxey.   “The NA3SA is an independent evaluation of the students’ knowledge and skills compared to what NATEF determined to be necessary for a successful technician.  Passing these tests really shows the student and the instructor that they have achieved the required skills for the subject area and are ready to progress to the next level.  These tests can also be used as a practice review for the students who wish to take the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) exam to become a certified technician.”

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