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Content Outline of Course

I.       The Driving Reality!
         A.     Your Driving World
         B.     Defining Defensive Driving
         C.     The DDC Collision Prevention Formula
         D.     Pet Peeves
         E.     The Cost of a Crash

II.      Driving the Road Less Traveled?
         A.     The Fatal Four
                           Speeding, Right-of-Way
                           Driving Left of Center,
         B.     Aggressive Driving & Road Rage
         C.     Maintaining Self Control

III.     Drive to Stay Alive!
         A.      Driver Conditions
                  Fatigue, Distractions, Impaired Driving, Physical Conditions
         B.     External Conditions
                           Light, Weather, Road, Traffic
         C.     Substance Abuse

IV.     You, Your Vehicle and the Law
         A.     The Dynamics of a Crash
         B.     Occupant Restraints
          C.     Vehicle Maintenance
          D.     Vehicle Malfunctions
          E.     What is the Law?
          F.      Zero Tolerance
          G.     Post Test

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