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Tobacco Policy (100.15)

The Board of Trustees of Illinois Eastern Community Colleges recognizes the importance of providing a healthy environment for students and staff in compliance with the Illinois Clean Indoor Air Act. 

Use of tobacco products is prohibited in any IECC District 529 facility that is open and available to the general public. Use of tobacco products is prohibited in any vehicle owned or leased by IECC District 529. The prohibition on use of tobacco products shall include the prohibition on the use of electronic cigarettes or ecigarettes, electronic vaporizing devices, personal vaporizers, or electronic nicotine delivery systems, or any electronic inhaler that is meant to stimulate and substitute for tobacco smoking.

Colleges shall make reasonable efforts to prevent use of tobacco products in public places outside established smoking areas by posting signs or by appropriate warnings in catalogs and schedules.

Students, staff, contractors, and visitors to the college are subject to compliance with this policy. Persons who purposely violate this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary actions.

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