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Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, only directory information about students or former students will be disclosed to any person or agency without the written permission of the student except to: (1) IECC administrators and instructors; (2) certain federal officials specified in the Act; (3) stated educational authorities; (4) accrediting
agencies; (5) upon receipt of proper judicial orders; or (6) officials of other schools in which the student seeks to enroll or has enrolled. At the request of the student, even directory information can be withheld.

Upon written request, the student may inspect information in his or her official file and will be given the opportunity to challenge any information which he or she considers inaccurate. Details on confidentiality rules can be obtained from the Admissions Office.

A. Purpose
Illinois Eastern Community Colleges respects the rights of students and their educational records regarding privacy, confidentiality, inspection and review, amendment, and disclosure. The intent of this policy is to be in accord with the Act, 34 CFR Part 99, and other existing requirements and to ensure that every endeavor is made to keep the student’s records confidential and out of the hands of those who would use them for other than legitimate purposes.

B. Definitions
1.     Act means the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, enacted as section 438 of the general education Provisions Act.

2.     Eligible student means a student who has reached 18 years of age or is attending an institution for purposes of obtaining postsecondary education. When a student becomes an eligible student, the rights accorded to and consent required of parents under 34 CFR Part 99 transfer from the parents to the student.

3.     Eligible parent means either parent of a student less than 18 years of age who is attending Illinois Eastern for purposes other than obtaining postsecondary education, unless the institution has been provided with evidence that there is a court order, State statute, or legally binding document relating to such matters as divorce, separation, or custody that specifically revokes these rights.

4.     Educational record means any record directly related to a student and maintained by the colleges or by a party acting for the colleges. The following documents are not considered educational records: i) records that are kept in the sole possession of the maker and are not accessible or revealed to any other person; ii) records of any law enforcement unit of the colleges; iii) employment records of individuals employed by the colleges other than as student employees; iv) records on a student who is 18 years of age or older made or maintained by a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or other recognized professional or paraprofessional acting in his or her professional capacity or assisting in a paraprofessional capacity and made, maintained, or used only in connection with treatment of the student, and disclosed only to individuals providing the treatment; and, v) records that only contain information about an individual after he or she is no longer a student at that agency or institution.

5.     Directory information means information contained in an education record of a student which would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy, if disclosed. It includes, but is not limited to, the student’s:
        a) name, date of birth;
        b) address and telephone number;
        c) email electronic address;
        d) program area;
        e) dates of attendance;
         f) degrees and honors earned and dates; including commencement
        g) participation in sports programs;
        h) weight, height, and athletic accomplishments of members of athletic teams
         i) most recent educational institution attended and
         j) picture.

C. Rights of Students and Eligible Parents
1.      Annual Notification: Each college shall give students or eligible parents annual notification by such means as are reasonably likely to inform them of their rights under this policy and of the right to file complaints with the U.S. Department of Education.

2.      Inspection and Review of Education Records: An eligible parent or student may inspect and review his/her education record by making written request to the college’s Records Office. The college president or his/her designee will comply with this request within a reasonable period of time, but generally not to exceed seven (7) working days, after the request has been made. Records requested and approved for release may be inspected at the college during normal office hours, Monday through Friday, except on designated holidays or otherwise posted at the college. A form for providing this information is available from the college’s Records Office. The request must be received in writing and include, at a minimum, the:
       a) name, address, social security number, and telephone number of person submitting the request for information;
       b) description of the information requested;
       c) an indication of whether the records are to be inspected at the college or mailed to the requestor and, if sent, whether or not   copies are to be certified; and,
       d) date of the request and when a response is required.

3.     Cost of Copies of Records: The student has the right to a response from the college as well as the right to obtain copies of these records, except transcripts, at a cost of 25 cents per page plus postage. The cost per transcript is specified in the college catalog. Except as limited under CFR 34 Part 99.12, the college may not deny access to education records without providing a description of the circumstances in which the college feels it has a legitimate cause to deny request for a copy of such records. Circumstances under which the college feels it has a legitimate cause to deny requests for a copy of such records includes, but is not limited to, students owing fees or having other indebtedness to the college.

4.     Types of Location of Records:
Types of Records                                     
Occupational Credentials                          
Financial Aid                                              
Directory Information 

Location of Records List Above
Student Services

5.     Officials Responsible for Records
        Frontier Community College
        Coord. Registration & Records
        2 Frontier Drive
        Fairfield, IL 62837
        Telephone: 618/842‐3711
        Lincoln Trail College
        Director of Admissions
        11220 State Highway 1
        Robinson, IL 62454
        Telephone: 618/544‐8657
        Olney Central College
        Asst. Dean, Student Services
        305 North West Street
        Olney, IL 62450
        Telephone: 618/395‐7777
        Wabash Valley College
        Asst. Dean, Student Services
        2200 College Drive
        Mt. Carmel, IL 62863
        Telephone: 618/262‐8641
        Wabash Valley College/Industrial Technology
        Director, Admissions & Financial Aid
        C/O John A. Logan College
        Route 2
        Carterville, IL 62918
        Telephone: 618/985‐3741, xt. 378

D. Release of Information
1.     Illinois Eastern will not disclose personally identifiable information from the education records of a student without prior written consent of the student except:
       a) to other school officials, including teachers and administrative personnel within Illinois Eastern, or to other education agencies who can be determined by Illinois Eastern to have legitimate educational interests in such records;
       b) to officials of another school or school system in which the student seeks or intends to enroll;
       c) in connection with financial aid for which a student has applied or which a student has received, provided that personally identifiable information from the education records of the student may be disclosed for such purposes as:
          1) to determine the eligibility of the student for financial aid;
          2) to determine the amount of financial aid;
          3) to determine the conditions of the financial aid; or,
          4) to enforce the terms or conditions of the financial aid;
     d) to eligible parents of a student, as defined in CFR 34 Part 99;
     e) to appropriate parties in health or safety emergencies;
      f) to other parties, agencies, and persons as designated by 34 CFR Part 99; and,
     g) directory information may be released.

2.     The college will not release any student information to anyone other than the student or eligible parent without the prior signed and dated written consent of the student or eligible parent, as specified in 34 CFR Part 99.30(2), except under one or more of the conditions as described in 34 CFR Part 99.31. The college will maintain a record of disclosures as required by 34 CFR Part 99.332 and a student or eligible parent may inspect and review that record.

E. Corrections of Records
The student or eligible parent who believes that information contained in the student’s education record is inaccurate, misleading, or violates the privacy or other rights of the student, may request amendment of the student’s education records under 34 CFR Part 99.20, by applying in writing to the college’s Records Office. The college shall decide whether to amend the records of the student in accordance with the request within ten (10) working days from the receipt of the request. If the college decides to refuse to amend the education record of the student in accordance with the request, it shall inform the student or eligible parent of the right to a hearing. The student or eligible parent has the right to add a statement to the student’s record.

F. Dissemination
All employees will be given a copy of this policy. Students and eligible parents will be made aware of this policy through freshmen orientation, college catalogs, bulletin boards, and in “handouts” distributed by the college’s Records Office. A copy of this policy will be made available on request to any student or eligible parent.

Students who elect to restrict the release of student information must complete the Directory Information Restriction Notification form and file it with the Student Records Office at the primary college of attendance.

This request will be valid for one (1) academic year and must be renewed annually during the first two (2) weeks of fall semester.

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