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Student Conduct Policy (500.8)

Illinois Eastern Community Colleges’ students are considered to have reached an age of responsible citizenship and are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner both on and off campus. Through the act of registration at one of the Illinois Eastern Community Colleges, students agree to obey all rules and regulations which the institution formulates and publishes in the college catalog or student handbook. Copies may be obtained in all Student Services Offices. These documents contain specific disciplinary rules and regulations as well as procedures followed if infractions occur.

The Student Senate, faculty, and administration of each of the colleges will share in developing and implementing specific regulations to encourage desirable conduct. 

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain publications outlining these regulations and to become familiar with the District's standard of conduct. The following general policies shall apply to student conduct throughout the Illinois Eastern Community Colleges District:

1. Students shall maintain standards of conduct which are in accordance with the policies noted above and the specific rules and regulations developed at each of the college campuses.

2. The Student Senate(s) shall accept primary responsibility for governing student conduct at college‐sponsored social activities and functions.

3. The District reserves the right to request, for good cause, a physical, psychological, or psychiatric examination or drug test from any student at any time when this would be in the best interest of the student and/or the college. Expenses incident to such an examination are the responsibility of the student.

4. A Committee for Student Discipline will be appointed by the college president in the fall of each academic year. Student misconduct will be handled by appropriate college officials who may call the Committee for Student Discipline if they desire. The Committee for Student Discipline shall consist of five members, two elected from the Student Senate and three faculty members appointed by the president of the college. The committee shall submit its recommendations to the president of the college. The president's decision is final.

5. In instances where student misconduct results in the involvement of civil law enforcement authorities, the statutes of the State of Illinois or the ordinances of local municipal and county governments shall take precedence over any action recommended or contemplated by Illinois Eastern Community Colleges.

6. Allied health students who may for any reason appear to be unsafe in the clinical area or who may compromise client safety may be required to submit to a psychiatric or psychological examination at any time. Expenses incident to such an examination are the responsibility of the student.

7. Information gathered in the Behavioral Incident Report in connection with the District’s Violence Prevention Plan may also be considered in determining appropriate disciplinary actions.

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