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Bookstores(Consumer Information Disclosure)

Each college has a bookstore with required course materials for that specific college's courses.  The online bookstore links below provide pricing and ISBN information in
a user-friendly search.

IECC Bookstores

Frontier Community College Bookstore

618/842-5299 Extension 4244
Online Bookstore

Frontier Community College provides books and course material through a rental system.  Please note, the fee for the rental is included in the course fees which are listed on both our online and downloadable course schedules.  Online courses, in most cases, require the purchase of a new book.  Books and course material for online courses are listed on the FCC online bookstore for purchase via the link above.

Lincoln Trail College Bookstore

618/544-5299 Extension 1140
Online Bookstore

Olney Central College Bookstore

618/392-5299 Extension 2144
Online Bookstore 

Wabash Valley College Bookstore

618/263-4999 Extension 3310
Online Bookstore

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